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Openwave Computing is a premier Information Technology leader, providing exemplary services to the clients worldwide since 1997. We have transformed companies through the value chain, providing technology to attain a competitive advantage. We, Openwave, transform our relationships from being just a service partner to a strategic partner. We excel in understanding their unique requirements and customize our services to fulfill all their technology needs.

Our wave of services envelopes the entire spectrum of Information Technology from IT architecture to application development, integration, maintenance, enhancement, testing and top it up with IT enabled services.

We don’t just satisfy our client, but delight them. - Delighted at our ability to get the job done on-time, within-budget and with exemplary quality. Our clients are empowered by our superior technical capabilities of highly qualified technologists. Our value additions are not limited to the legacy, modern or the contemporary. Our wide scope of technical knowledge encompasses innovative technical solutions and creative business solutions.

Our clientele includes the Fortune 50 at one end and SMEs at the other. Irrespective of the size of the business, our service remains consistent throughout. Openwave’s innovative approach to leveraging technology, designing methods and service delivery has attracted accolades from the clients who have tasted the fruits of success through innovative use of technology.

Magento commerce is the leading form of e commerce on the net today. Based on a superb flexible platform, Magento commerce solutions provide website owners with the tools to develop their websites into profitable highly visible selling portals. Magento uses PHP as a web server scripting language and the MySQL Database. The data model is based on the Entity-attribute-value model that stores data objects in tree structures, thus allowing a change to a data structure without changing the database definition.

We provide specialized services like:
  • Website Design
  • Web Application Development
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Product Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • SEO Services
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Database Administration


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